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About Iris

A Smarter Way to Live

The Network That Grows with You

Iris is a simple, customizable smart home system by Lowe's. Iris streamlines home management and puts power at your fingertips by connecting your Iris compatible smart devices through a single app. There, you can control and monitor each of them.

As your family grows, so can your smart home. It's as easy as adding an Iris compatible device to your network and connecting it to Iris.

Light and Dimmer Switch

Smart lights and dimmer switches allow you to manage the status of your lights directly from the Iris app. Access to multiple dimmer settings helps you set the mood for special events like date nights, game nights and movie nights.

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Smart Plug

Turn a regular outlet into a smart outlet with a smart plug. So you can manage lights, electronics and appliances using the Iris app. You can also easily monitor your family’s energy consumption and set scheduled times for your devices to turn on or off.

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Contact Sensor

Know if your doors, windows and cabinets are open or closed no matter where you are. Iris sends alerts directly to your mobile device, so you can stay on top of everything, from when family members are arriving home to which windows need to be closed before you head to bed.

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Climate Control

Monitor and control the temperature in your home. Replace existing thermostats for easy online programming, energy saving features and an interface specifically designed to work with Iris.

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Garage Door Controller

Open and close your garage door directly from the Iris app. This major convenience also helps eliminate the need to worry about whether you remembered to close the garage as you were rushing off to start your day.

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Door Lock

Let guests in while you're away and receive updates when the status of your lock changes through the Iris app. This convenience and extra safety measure is great during day-to-day errands or when you’re on vacation.

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Motion Sensor

Not only do motion sensors help you stay aware of movement in and around your home, they also help your home keep up with you. Use motion sensors to track indoor activity and automate devices, such as lights, to turn on as you move around your home.

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Leak Sensor and Shut-off Valve

Stop leaks before they become bigger issues by immediately detecting them and shutting off the water to your house. Place the leak sensor in areas throughout your home, such as under the kitchen sink, behind washing machine and in the basement to detect water leaks. Then, from the Iris app, use the shut-off valve to quickly turn off the water supply to your home.

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One Smart Hub

Iris Smart Hub is the heart of the Iris network, keeping you in touch with connected devices in your home. By connecting your array of Iris compatible smart products - thermostats, lights, sensors and more from well known brands - you can access and control them all from the Iris app.

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One Smart App

With the Iris app, your smartphone becomes your controller for connected devices throughout your home. Turn devices on and off, remotely control thermostats, stream live video feeds and so much more. Create rules across devices to automate events. For example, when you walk into a room, the lights will turn on automatically. The Iris app puts home management at your fingertips.

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The next generation of the Iris app will be supported in iOS 8.0+ operating on iPhone 5+ and Android 4.1+.

Countless Ways to Evolve

Lowe’s offers over 60 devices and dozens of trusted brands that work with Iris. So once you set up your hub and app, you can customize your smart home experience and adapt it to the way you live.

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See What Everyone’s Saying About Iris

With an innovative approach to smart home management, Iris is making national headlines. Read the stories and join the conversation to learn more.

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A Lowe's Brand

With nearly 70 years of experience in home improvement, Lowe’s knows the home and knows what consumers want in the home. DIY is in our DNA. Iris is the only smart home platform created by a home retailer. Lowe’s was the first to target the mass consumer market with a broad home automation solution, the first to introduce a truly open platform, and offers the customer support that consumers have come to trust from Lowe’s.

Partner Savings

Lowe’s and Iris partner with a variety of telecommunications, insurance and utilities companies to offer incredible discounts to Iris users.