Coming Soon to the Next Generation of Iris

We are still committed to constantly improving our platform and have been releasing features and enhancements regularly based on feedback from our users. Please continue to share your comments and requests with us by tweeting @IrisByLowes.

Here are some features you can expect to be made available in February and March:

Care Service Card. Setup “care” behaviors that allow you to monitor loved ones and receive alerts if their routine is disrupted.

Water Service Card. Control and schedule activity for devices such as the water heater and water shut-off valve. Manage your water softener.

Lawn & Garden Service Card. Manage your irrigation devices, including the ability to schedule and control watering times.

Windows & Blinds Service Card. Control your Somfy blinds and manage contact sensors that have been designated as window sensors, including the ability to enable chimes for these sensors.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat. Monitor and manage the temperature settings on three Wi-Fi thermostats from Honeywell.

Temperature-Based Rules. Trigger fan, switch, and vent activity based on temperature. You can also receive notifications based on temperature triggers.

Security Alarm. New functionality for the security alarm allows you to see if any other devices have activated after an alarm is triggered.

Download Camera Clips. Download video clips from your saved recordings.

Verizon Modem Support. Back-up cellular service allows your Iris system to continue running in the event your broadband Internet fails.

Sunrise & Sunset Scheduling. Schedule devices such as lights and switches, blinds, rules and scenes to trigger based on the sun rising and setting in your local area.

On top of these new features and enhancements, we are deploying bug fixes with every release to ensure your experience is constantly improving.