Important News for First Gen Users

The Next Generation of Iris

We are excited to announce that starting June 30th, we will be focusing 100% of our efforts on improving and growing the Next Generation of Iris. In order to do so, we will be shutting down the First Generation system and helping all of our current users migrate to the new platform. It is important for us to share the reasons why we are making this shift and why we are excited about the improvements you will experience as we move forward.


  • The new platform is completely owned and managed by Lowe’s, making it easier for us to add best-in-class devices to our ecosystem and release new features at a much faster pace.
  • Device response time on the new platform is much faster than on the First Gen system, allowing you to more efficiently manage your home.
  • We are able to offer more value with our service plans. For example, Care is now part of the Premium service and we are working to roll out a Professional Monitoring solution later this year.
  • Completely customizable and configurable Scenes have replaced Modes. Now you can create custom scenes across multiple devices, set them on a schedule and receive notifications when they run.
  • The new platform significantly increases the number of devices an Iris user can add to their ecosystem and allows for any number of custom rules and scenes.
  • New features, such as triggering events up to an hour from sunrise/sunset, offer a more personalized way to manage your home.
  • In-app tutorial videos and a more robust support site make it easier than ever before to get support when you need it.

Platform Updates & News

Find out what’s new in every release by checking out the Platform Updates and News section of regularly.

We understand that transitioning every device to the Next Gen of Iris manually can be time-consuming. However, we are excited for our users to experience the Next Generation system and have focused on making it as easy as possible for current users to upgrade and transition. Here are some of things you should know if you are still using the First Gen system:

  • If you have not signed up for your new, free Next Generation hub, please do so here.
  • Once you receive your new hub, return to and click “Migrate Now!” to take advantage of our Migration Wizard which will assist by automatically transitioning your devices from the First Generation hub to the Next Generation system.
  • While the services themselves will continue, we stopped billing all First Generation users for the Premium, Care and Cellular backup services on April 30th.
  • In nearly every instance, devices from the First Generation system will work in the new ecosystem. Check out all the devices that work with the Next Generation platform here.

If you have any other questions about transitioning to the Next Gen of Iris before June 30th, please check out our FAQ’s.