Coming Soon: Add People and Places to your Next Generation Iris

Having Iris at the heart of your home management system means that everyone at your home (and often times those who frequently visit your home) also may want to interact with Iris. So, with the next app release, we’re making it even easier for everyone to play a role. Add a Person functionality allows you to grant people access to your home in a variety of ways. Have a spouse or partner who also needs full access to own and manage your system? Give them Full Access and allow them to manage rules, add devices and view history of your system and customize the app to their preference. Have children who need access to come and go on their own schedule but don’t need the full app? Invite them to have Locks and Alarms access and they can have their own unique PIN codes to come and go as needed. And for the neighbor who almost feels like family? Give them Alarm Notification access and they can receive notifications at the same time you do and help keep an eye on your home when you are away.

Add a Person will allow you to assign three different levels of permissions to those you’d like to invite to your Iris home:

  • Full Access – These people will have login access to your Place and will be able to view your Dashboard, Scenes, Rules, Devices, Schedules, People, History, and have limited access to your settings. They will not see your billing information. Ideal for anyone living at your place.
  • Locks, Alarms & Notifications – These people will receive a unique PIN Code that will control alarms and any locks you choose. This person will not have full access to your place. Ideal for family, close friends, children and service personnel.
  • Alarm Notifications Only – This person will only appear in your Alarm Notification List. They will not have full access to your place, or have access to any functions within Iris. Ideal for neighbors.

Adding additional places to your Iris account will also be available in the next app release. Add all the Iris systems you manage to one account and easily switch between them with a single login. It’s an even more efficient way to manage all your Iris smart homes. Notifications will also include the place name so you know exactly what is happening at each location.

More information on configuring these new features, as well as full release notes will be available once the release is published.

These features and more are coming to the Next Generation Iris. If you are a First Generation user, visit now to get started migrating. It’s free and as of June 30th, all of our support and development efforts will be focused on the Next Generation so the First Generation system will shut down. To learn more about why you should transition, click here.