Coming Soon to the Next Generation of Iris

In October, Iris began the process of introducing its Next Generation platform. This latest version of Iris includes updated software and hardware that make the system simpler, more intuitive and more personalized. We are committed to constantly improving our platform and will be releasing features and enhancements regularly.

Here are some features you can expect to be made available in November & December:

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  • Scenes. Known in the first generation as “Modes”, Scenes will be a Premium feature that allows users to control multiple devices in their home at once. Users will be able to schedule specific start times for scenes, create custom scenes and host scenes on their Favorites bar for easy access.
  • Lights & Switches Card. Schedule your lights and switches to turn on and off at preferred times. Premium users will be able to organize their lights into Groups and control multiple groups of devices at once.
  • Home & Family Card. Once a smart fob has been assigned to each family member, will be able to know who is at home or away at a glance.
  • Device Support. There will be additional support for select Wi-Fi devices.
  • Migration Wizard. This tool is being designed for First Generation customers that chose to receive their hubs later so they could experience a smoother migration. We are working to make sure it is ready in December.

On top of features and new enhancements, bug fixes will be deployed with every release to ensure your experience is constantly improving.