Tips for Getting Started with Iris

Welcome to Iris! You’ve just taken the first step to getting started with Iris smart home management and home security.

If you recently unboxed your Iris devices and are looking for resources on how to get started, start by watching this quick video overview:


Once you have created your account and paired your devices, the fun begins. Discover the many ways you can customize, secure and automate your home by checking out the following resources.


Join the Iris Community

New to Iris? Join the Iris Community forum to learn tips and tricks from some of our most active users. The community is a great place to ask specific questions or to request new features you think we should explore further.

We’ll also share news, contests and first looks at Iris updates and release notes with our community.


Check out our Blog

Looking for new ways to use your Iris system? Subscribe to our blog where we share advice and announcements that will help improve your smart home. Our blog is another great place to read up on details surrounding new product integrations and app releases as they become available.


Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

The Iris YouTube channel is a great place to explore videos detailing pairing instructions and device functionality.

If you’re setting up your Iris security devices for the first time, check out our Configuration 101 playlist and our System Maintenance videos.


Review the Support Section of the Iris Website

If you experience any technical issues while using your Iris devices, the support section on the Iris website can be a great place to start before calling our support team.

Our support section has everything from customer FAQs to getting started guides. You’ll also find pairing and troubleshooting instructions for Iris compatible devices.

If you still have questions or can’t find what you need in our support pages, you can connect with our support team by calling 1-855-469-4747 for troubleshooting assistance.


Connect with us on Social Media

If you want to connect with fellow Iris users and learn more about what’s new with Iris, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We’ll also share the latest promotions that will help make building your Iris smart home even easier!


Stay Subscribed to our Emails

Once you sign up for an Iris account, you’ll be subscribed to our marketing and platform emails. There is also a sign-up box at the bottom of our home page. Our platform emails will alert you to updates within the platform and the products in your home. Our marketing emails will keep you up-to-date on exciting new developments, new partners and exclusive discounts.