Home Automation and Your Water Softener

Water softeners have been around forever. They protect your plumbing and appliances (not to mention your skin and hair!) from hard water buildup and damage. But now, they’ve gotten smart. The Whirlpool Water Softener with Wi-Fi Smart Technology can work with your home automation system to help simplify your life. It’s one of the only smart water softeners out there, and Iris is one of the only platforms it works with. Here’s how:

It’s Intelligent

From washers and dryers to stoves and fridges, many appliances have smartened up in recent years, and water softeners are no exception. The Whirlpool Water Softener’s 6th Sense Technology takes away the guesswork by calculating how much salt and water you need, and it automatically adjusts so you don’t waste either one. You’ll get notifications on your tablet or Smartphone so you’ll know just how much you’re using. You’ll ultimately use less water and salt, which is good for the planet and your pocketbook.

It Communicates With You

You no longer have to remember to periodically and consistently add more salt to the system or clean your resin beads. Your Whirlpool Water Softener with Wi-Fi Smart Technology will notify you by sending a message or text to your phone or tablet when salt levels are low and resin beads need cleaning. It’ll also tell you if water is being used excessively, which could mean you have a leaky pipe. If you’re a landlord, it could also be a red flag indicating your tenants are neglecting your water use policy, or you’ve got more people living in your rental property than you thought.

It Lets you Monitor Your Usage

You can see it all at a glance on your smartphone— your current flow and the daily and average use. This feature is particularly useful if you’re trying to conserve water, or if you want an explanation for the numbers on your utility bill. It shows exactly how and when your water is being used.

It’s Certified

The Whirlpool Water Softener with Wi-Fi Smart Technology is NSF-certified to reduce hard-water symptoms around your house. Say goodbye to embarrassing stains, buildup on your faucets and spots on your dishes. The system also helps your water-using appliances operate more efficiently. By monitoring the salt levels and sending you alerts if it’s low, you can prevent salt bridges (when the salt clumps together and sticks to the sides of the tank), which cause headaches, in addition to not softening your water.