Iris – A Look Ahead

There has been quite a bit of buzz around the launch of the Next Generation of Iris and we are glad to hear from all of you. Your comments are being heard across our team and they are having an impact on everything we work on each day. Your feedback has inspired us to renew our commitment to quality and parity and influenced the way are addressing bug fixes and feature releases. We understand that Iris is a way to connect you with your home and that is important. So, we are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience with the Next Generation of Iris by bringing regular updates and releasing new features and functionality on a regular and frequent cadence.

We realize that the Next Generation platform is different from the First Generation system so we have spent time over the past few months to adjust your support experience accordingly. There are now more places to find the help you need – whenever you might need it. Here are some of the new ways you can find support for your Next Generation system:

  • The Iris by Lowe’s support page:
  • YouTube device pairing and reset videos:
  • Tutorials within the Iris App
  • We’re adding new resources to the Iris Support Team in an effort to minimize call wait time.

We also understand that there are features that you would like to have access to within Iris and we want you to know we are working to make them available to you. Our main focus is on the features you’ve let us know are most important to you. We are dedicated to bringing you these and more with the Next Generation of Iris. Here are the things we’re committing to deliver:

  1. Access to download camera recordings
  2. Ability to manage quota for recorded video
  3. Configuring chime for the keypad/contact sensor
  4. Schedule based on local sunrise and sunset
  5. Groups for lights and switches
  6. Rules, services and schedules running on the Hub
  7. Invite another person to manage your Iris account
  8. Ability to manage multiple places
  9. More windows and blinds capability
  10. Separate on/partial alarm device trigger settings (number of device it takes to trigger)
  11. Water heater capability in scenes
  12. Allow Linear Garage Door Controller to act in Security
  13. Update the Thermostat UI to show that we are in temporary hold
  14. Touch ID access
  15. PIN code scheduling in Doors & Locks
  16. Filter reminders
  17. HVAC runtime
  18. Add water softener notifications on water flow
  19. Outdoor weather updates
  20. “What’s New” screen
  21. Indoor / Outdoor temperature history
  22. Ability to download History
  23. Energy service card

If you haven’t yet experienced the Next Generation of Iris because you have not yet received your free hub, we understand the wait has been longer than anyone would have liked. We are now shipping regularly and are on pace to have all previously registered users their free hub by the end of March. If you haven’t yet signed up for your hub then please do so here. We are working to ensure ALL registered users receive their new, free hub by the end of April.

The whole Iris Team wants to thank you for your continued feedback about the Next Generation of Iris – we are listening and focused on applying your comments as we move forward. Please continue to share your thoughts with us here.