Iris – Our Next Chapter

By now you have likely seen many of the new updates surrounding Iris! Our team is very excited to bring them to you as we continue to work hard to deliver experiences that will help you better monitor, manage, and maintain your home.

A tremendous amount of planning and development has gone into bringing you the next generation of Iris. Over the past year, Lowe’s commitment to Iris and the smart home space has continued to grow and we have expanded our team by bringing in experts in connectivity, technology, design, product management, operations, and customer support. Our efforts have been focused on giving our customers a simpler, more intuitive and more personalized experience, all the while maintaining the focus on affordability you expect from Lowe’s. Our next generation will enable us to deliver even more new features and devices faster than ever before – we can’t wait to show you all the great stuff still waiting in the wings. We have also made both the Premium and Basic services more valuable with new features and capabilities in each, and we are committed to continually improving the value they deliver by striving to roll the Premium features of today into the Basic, free service of tomorrow.

If you are a current Iris customer, we truly value you having Iris as a part of your home. While the current Iris app, devices and hub will continue to keep you safe, secure and comfortable, we want to encourage you to move over to the next generation so we are offering you a next generation Hub for FREE! By getting the new hub you will be able to use our new app and all the new features and devices under development. We have heard from many of you already and your enthusiasm has been overwhelming. To be transparent, we are ramping up production to meet the higher than expected demand so I ask for your understanding as our team works diligently to get you the new hub as quickly as possible. However, if you haven’t already “raised your hand” for the free next generation hub make sure you let us know where to ship it by visiting and stay tuned to our blog for additional details.

If you are new to Iris then I want to personally welcome you! We think you will appreciate a more personalized approach to a smart home, and one that blends the digital and physical worlds together. Also, the investments we have made over the past year have been focused upon building a strong foundation that will enable us to meet your needs more rapidly and more readily. So thanks for joining our Iris family!

A smart home should be fun, and we want you to enjoy using Iris throughout each day and across every season. We have worked hard to put the power in your hands so you can create experiences that make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. Not only automatically operating the way you intended, but giving you the relevant feedback and recommendations to help you better manage and maintain your home. In the end, we want Iris to help you create a deeper relationship with your home because helping you love where you live is what we at Lowe’s and within the Iris team are all about. Thanks for allowing Iris to be a part of your home, and we look forward to making Iris even better for you and your loved ones.

All the best,

Mick Koster

VP & General Manager, Iris Home Systems

P.S. We love hearing how you have made Iris a part of your home and the unique ways in which it helps make your life easier. Please share your story with us here!