The Secure Smart Home | Understanding the Basics.

It starts with the basics: You’ve set up the hub, downloaded the smart app and connected to your Wi-Fi. Now what? With all of the accessories and add-ons available in the market today, the possibilities for securing your home are nearly endless.

So, what does a secure Iris home include? Let’s take a look:


In the House


  • Smart locks and key fobs give your kids a safe way to get into the house after school, as well as allowing access to service people such as the cable guy or your housekeeper when you’re not there.


  • Indoor security cameras are your eyes and ears on the ground when you’re not home. Watch over pets while you’re at work, or check in on the babysitter from the movie theater.


  • Smart plugs can switch on lights as soon as you get home from work, making it bright and cheery when you walk in the door.





  • Indoor security cameras with night vision let you know if kids or pets are on the move at night, and indoor motion sensors can trigger lights when someone is in the hallway.


  • If an emergency occurs, indoor sirens notify your family so they can take the appropriate safety measures.


  • A smart pet door combined with a collar sensor allows your pet to safely exit and enter the house when you’re away.


In the Yard


  • Motion detectors and outdoor lights illuminate the yard when motion is detected.


  • Digital outdoor security cameras with night vision help you keep an eye on the kids when they’re playing in the backyard. You can also position them at the front and back doors so you’ll see who’s knocking before opening the door.


In the Garage


  • A garage door controller can open and close the door remotely, to save you giving out spare keys to your neighbor or gardener.


  • Tilt sensors trigger an alarm every time your garage door opens or closes.


  • Security cameras both inside and outside the garage help you secure tools, cars, bikes and other valuables.