Set the Scene with Iris

We‘ve been working diligently to enhance your experience with the Next Generation of Iris. We recently introduced a new and exciting feature, Scenes, which is available to Premium users in both our Android and iOS apps. Read on to learn more about how you can manage Scenes and the ways in which we think they will improve your life. 

If you were a First Generation user, you may have noticed that Modes are no longer part of the app experience. We have replaced them with Scenes, a way to control multiple devices in your home at one time by either setting a scheduled start time or manually starting the scene at your convenience.

One of the best parts about Scenes on the Next Generation of Iris is that they are completely customizable. You choose which devices you would like to participate by designating the actions you would like them to take, schedule a start time if you would like and decide whether or not you want to receive a notification each time the scene starts. You can also personalize the name of the scenes you create.

To make the initial set up of Scenes a little easier, we created 5 standard templates that are automatically available in the Iris by Lowe’s app. Those standard scenes are:

  • I’m Home: Wherever you go, receive a warm welcome when you return.
  • Away: Leave a safer, more efficient home every time you walk out the door.
  • Good Morning: Automate your morning routine with ease.
  • Good Night: Turn in for the night by automating your nightly tasks.
  • Vacation: More fun. Less worry.  Monitor an energy efficient home when you’re on vacation.
  • Custom: Create your own Scene that works for your home.

Our hope is that scenes will make managing day-to-day activities around your home a little easier. In order to help with this, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to create and execute the scenes that matter most to your family. Add your most-used scenes to the Favorites Bar in your app, so you can easily find and start them whenever you need.

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This is just one of many exciting updates we will have for our new app in the near future. Be sure to check our blog and Twitter account regularly for updates!