This Year at CES

This year our theme at CES was “Iris Throughout Your Life”. We focused on sharing use cases that best exemplify how Iris can be there for you whether you’re a renter, a family living in a stand-alone home or an empty nester getting a fresh start in a smaller space.

We also made a few announcements and showed a number of devices that we plan to add to our ecosystem in the future. Here’s a run down of those announcements and integrations:

Professional Home Monitoring

We’ve partnered with United Central Control (UCC) to bring professional monitoring to Iris. For $19.99 a month, Iris users will have the ability to have emergency responders dispatched in the event of smoke, carbon monoxide, intrusion or panic alarms as well as have access to Premium Service and cellular back-up service. Learn more about this offering here.


LG just announced this addition to their smart devices, and we’re excited to let you know that we’ll be integrating with SmartThinQ in the future. SmartThinQ interacts with your LG appliances and lets you know information about their state. For example, if someone leaves the fridge open SmartThinQ will alert you so it can be properly closed. This connected speaker can also play music and integrates with your connected system to help share important alerts and alarms.


Halo Smart Labs has created an awesome connected smoke and CO detector – and we’re excited to say we’ll be integrating with it later this year. Some of the coolest features from Halo are its ability to speak to tell you which room an event occurred in, lights that change color based on alert type and, with Halo Plus, weather alarms. Halo detectors are also hard-wired into your home so they’re up to code.

Water Leak Sensors – LeakSmart/Centralite

We already have integration with the Utilitech water leak detector, but at CES we unveiled the possibility of a few new options. One is the leakSMART water leak detector, created by the same brand as our integrated water shut-off valve. The other is a Centralite model that is already integrated in our app in association with through SmartThings.


Nucleus is an interior home video monitoring system with the ability to let you communicate with people in your home or in other locations. It is a great step forward in connecting the part of your life that matters most – your family. The Nucleus intercom will be available at Lowe’s later this year and an integration with Iris is on its way.

NYCE Hinge Sensor

The NYCE tilt sensor is already available and
integrated with Iris, but pretty soon we’ll be
welcoming another member of the NYCE family. The NYCE hinge sensor allows you to know when a door is opened or closed by discreetly replacing one of the hinges already present on your door. The sensor is also rated for the outdoors, so you can use it all around and outside your home.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

There have been a number of requests for new camera options on the Iris platform and we want you to know we’re listening. We’re looking into sleeker, more flexible options like this camera, pictured below. We used this indoor/outdoor model at the house we built for CES and we’re planning to integrate it with our platform soon.

Pella Blinds and Shades

The Pella brand specializes in blinds and shades that are integrated into your windows, making it easy to have your shade and keep it clean, too. Pella’s smart blinds and shades give you the ability to manage the state of your window treatments and to schedule activity such as closing them at night and opening them when you are ready to wake up in the morning. We’re very excited to add this brand to our platform soon.

Excited about all of this news? We are, too! Let us know which of these announcements you’re most excited about by tweeting @IrisByLowes and using #IrisThruLife.