Why You Should Upgrade to the Next Generation of Iris

1. Ability to Grow ‘Works with Iris’ Ecosystem More Quickly

One of the things we are most proud of is that the new Iris platform is built and supported by Lowe’s. This is great news for Iris users for many reasons, one of the main ones being that it will allow us to introduce new devices that work within the Iris ecosystem more quickly than ever before.

2. There’s a New, Improved App Experience

Since the new Iris platform is mobile focused, we want to make sure the app experience is as simple and as beautiful as possible. In the Next Generation of Iris, you can manage device settings, pairing and unpairing, update your rules, customize your favorites bar and much more all from within the mobile app. You can also upload images of your home and users you add to make the app experience more personalized and a better reflection of your home.

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3. A Completely Customizable Smart Home Experience

A new app and the ability to add ‘Works with Iris’ devices more quickly mean there are more ways for you to customize your Iris experience. Set up your smart home so it includes the devices that have the best impact on how you manage your household. We have also made more rules available than ever before, with plans to keep adding more so you can continually expand the ways Iris is customized to fit your home.

4. Things are Quicker. Much Quicker.

There are a number of new features in the Next Generation of Iris. But if there’s one thing we did cut back on, it’s how long you’ll spend waiting for your devices to react. The time between when you send a command from your Iris app to when your device responds is now a fraction of what it was before.

5. Your First Gen Ecosystem Will Work with the Next Generation of Iris

It’s a top priority for the Iris Team that your transition from the First Generation to the Next Generation of Iris be as smooth as possible, and that includes making sure both the First Gen Iris products and our original ‘Works with Iris’ products continue to work with the new hub.

But if you are interested in growing your ecosystem of new Iris products, we’ve made that easier than ever by adding new packs that were designed to make sure you get the best value on some of our most popular products.

6. Customer-Centric Experience for All Your Needs

We’ve made everything from learning about smart homes to buying and managing your products as simple as possible. The in-store experience now includes more intuitive packaging, additional literature and an interactive digital display that shows you exactly what Iris can do for your home.


We have also added additional support tools for when you get home. There is an all-new Iris website with smart home information and device support, an Iris by Lowe’s YouTube account that makes it easier to find support videos and a Twitter account you can follow for updates and support. As always, you can call our Iris Support Team for anything you need at 855-469-4747 (IRIS).

7. Our Plans and Services have been Simplified

The Basic and Premium Plans have been reworked to make them better for you. Some highlights? Our Care Service is now bundled into the Premium Plan, at no additional cost. The Basic Plan has evolved to include some features that were previously only available to Premium users. For example, all Iris users can now receive extended video streaming to their mobile device. And we’re always adding additional features, so check here for the most up-to-date information.

8. A More Streamlined Device Pairing Process

No one likes to deal with pairing instructions that are filled with in-depth technical steps, so we simplified the process in the Next Generation of Iris. Pairing your Iris devices is now down to just two steps in most cases. Step One: Access pairing mode in your app. Step Two: Remove the battery tab from the device. Then you just wait for the beep and you’re ready to enjoy your devices.

9. Sleeker, More Subtle Product Design

Your smart home devices shouldn’t impose on the design of your house, so it was important to us that the Next Generation of Iris devices be as small and sleek as possible. Everything from the hub and keypad to our multiple sensors received a makeover, helping them become more complementary to your home décor than ever before.


10. And… The New Hub is Free to Existing Users!

We’re excited about the Next Generation of Iris, and want to thank current users for their loyalty by offering it to them for free. If you are a current Iris user, you should receive an email from Iris by Lowe’s detailing how to claim your new, free hub. If you are a current user and have not received this email, you can find more details about claiming your new hub here.