8 Ways To Use Your Wi-Fi Smart Plug

An Iris Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a very helpful smart home device that allows you to manage and oversee lights, small appliances and electronics from your phone. It’s also a great first step toward smart home living. These devices will allow you to test and see the benefits and convenience of turning your house into a smart home. Learn how Wi-Fi Smart Plugs can make your life easier below.


1. Toggle lights on and off or use a schedule to keep the house looking occupied while you’re away.


2. Let the kids know it’s time for homework by switching off the TV or games console.


3. Left your curling iron on again? Let Iris switch it off for you, all from your smartphone.


4. Tea time! A smart switch can boil the kettle without you lifting a finger.


5. As cooler weather sets in, start humidifying the bedroom from the comfort of your couch.


6. Can’t wait for some waffles? Start the iron as soon as you wake up so it’s ready to go when you are.


7. Control night lights or sound machines in the kids’ bedrooms, without the risk of waking them.


8. Stop worrying that you left the iron on. Let Iris take care of that.


Use these 8 Wi-Fi Smart Plug tips to keep making the most of this helpful device. And don’t forget to get creative! Let Iris give you a hand where you need it most.