Five Smart Home Moving Tips to Ease into your New Home

We often hear that moving is one of many life events that can trigger stress and anxiety. It’s no wonder that’s the case when you consider all the time and energy it takes to find the perfect new home, pack or hire movers to take care of your belongings, and say goodbye to the place you’ve grown accustomed to.

Whether you are moving for a new job or starting a new chapter in your life, taking steps to minimize the stress of your move will help ease the transition into your new place. Make your new house the home of your dreams with these easy smart home tips:


  • Make your new house smell like home sweet home. Scent can have a powerful effect on easing stress. Using smart plugs and motion sensors, you can fill your new place with the familiar scents of home with fragrance plug-ins triggered when you walk into the room. You can also use a smart plug to automate a humidifier or diffuser with your favorite aromatherapy scents for moments you need to relax.


  • Automate your lighting. Bumping into boxes and furniture when you get up in the middle of the night? Allow yourself the time to familiarize yourself with your new home and use motion sensors to illuminate the hallway or bathroom lights as you walk by.


  • Establish a new routine. It can be challenging to flow back into your usual routine when you move into a new place. Getting ready for bed and getting out the door in the morning can take longer with your belongings in boxes or settled into their new place. Automate your routines with the help of scheduled lights, thermostats, and locked doors.


  • Feel safe in your new neighborhood. Sometimes moving to an unfamiliar city or part of town can make you or your loved ones feel uneasy. Feel confident in your new neighborhood with security measures available at your fingertips. Customize your home security with indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and contact sensors to keep an eye on your home through the Iris app.


  • Budget where it counts. Moving can get expensive, putting major stress on your wallet. When bugeting matters the most, make investments that offer return in the future. Investing in an affordable DIY smart home system with Iris can save you in the long run. Automating your lights, thermostat, and water heater with Iris will help save on monthly energy costs.


Implementing these five tips to help transition your new place into a functioning smart home can help manage the stress of your move. Share how you used smart home technology to settle into your new home on our Iris community: