5 Easy DIY Projects To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summer’s just around the corner – days feel longer and temperatures are rising. It’s the perfect season for cookouts, late-night gatherings and out-of-town visitors. It’s also a great time to outfit the home for that light and summery feel. Here are some quick and practical DIY ideas to a lighter, (smarter) and more colorful home!



A little curb appeal goes a long way. Start by giving your entry door a fresh coat of paint or stain for a brand-new feel. Place large colorful flowers on each side to add a pop of color and pick a new entryway mat. Place an Iris contact sensor on the inside and install a smart lock to monitor who comes and goes right from your phone. Say goodbye to keys and hello to smart home convenience! If you’re planning a summer trip, add an extra layer of protection by placing smart cameras to your entryways. Thinking security? ProMonitoring brings you all of the benefits and convenience that a smart home system provides, as well as the peace of mind that comes with a professional home security service.




Add big leaf plants to your living room area as color statements. Fiddle Leaf bushes and Monsteras stand out in any space. Replace couch cushions with bolder colors and trade your throws for lighter texture and brighter patterns. Automate your living room lighting by adding smart plugs to lamps and scheduling them to automatically turn on at sunset or while you’re away. You can also add smart lightbulbs and dim lights from your phone. Place a motion sensor in the entryway and your living room will light up when you walk in.




Paint cabinets white or change knobs as a quick way to refresh your kitchen’s look. Choose simple black knobs for a modern minimalistic look or light pastel colors for a quirkier feel. Add contact sensors to your cabinet doors to receive alerts if someone got in the medicine cabinet or place them under your sink in case little hands try to reach for cleaning supplies. Add smart plugs to your electric tea kettle or crock pot and manage them from the Iris app.




Repaint frames white and change up your pictures. Create a gallery wall to display all of your favorite people and moments or add a frame shelf for a simpler feel. Too many trips to the thermostat? Replace it for Nest and you’ll be able to manage temperature in your home from your phone. No matter how hot it gets out there, with Iris and Nest, your home will always feel just right!




Give your guests an inviting stay by painting the guestroom white or pastel colors. Add bright flowers for texture and contrast, and sheer white curtains that will give a peaceful feel. A small chalkboard sign with your Wi-Fi password may come in very handy for guests and a small bowl with chocolate bites on their nightstand can never hurt. Add a little extra wow factor by using the Iris Lighting Pack to automate the room’s lamps. The lights will turn on as guests walk in. Add a motion sensor by the door and connect both smart plugs to the lamps to impress your guests with a smart room.


These are some very simple and practical ways to brighten up your home for summer. Tackle one of these projects at a time and you’ll have a brighter (and smarter) home in no time!