6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart Plugs

When life gets busy, all we wish for is a helping hand. Something that will take care of the little details in our daily routine so we can focus on the most important things. Smart plugs are your little helpers that lend a big hand. Here are some of the many ways these unassuming devices can make a big difference in your day:



1. Hair Straightener. You can now fully enjoy date nights, or focus on that work project without stressing over the hair straightener you forgot to turn off. Simply power it down from your phone without missing a beat.



2. Slow Cooker. Turn it on while you’re at work or running errands and have dinner ready and warm by the time you get back home. Then, raise a toast to yourself for being amazing.



3. Iron. Left home in a rush after ironing your crew’s clothes? No need to turn around. Dedicate a smart plug to your clothes iron and you’ll be able to power it down from anywhere with the touch of a button.



4. Light. Lighting control is one of the most popular smart plug applications. All it takes is a smart plug and a lamp, and you can enjoy lights turning on when you walk in a room. And for added security, you can turn lights on and off to make it feel like someone is home when you’re away.

Philips Hue with Iris



5. Bedtime Routine. Place a smart plug on your baby’s lamp or sound machine and turn them off from your phone after they fall asleep. No need for that loud door to wake them up.



6. Strengthen Connectivity. Certain Iris devices act as radio signal boosters, enabling greater range for the entire network – this is known as a Mesh Network. Smart plugs can act as range extenders, strengthening signals between devices and making sure all devices throughout the home are always connected to the hub.

How do you use Iris Smart Plugs to help around the house? 
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