8 Unique Ways to Use a Contact Sensor

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If you have a smart home system like Iris, then you are likely familiar with how contact sensors help automate or secure your home.

A contact sensor is a device typically placed on a door or a window that uses magnets to signal alerts once pulled apart.


Contact Sensor on Door


Iris users enjoy using contact sensors to secure their home by triggering an alarm once a door or window has been opened. When this device triggers an alarm, it can also notify emergency personnel through the Iris Pro Monitoring service.


Iris release 2.2


While contact sensors are typically used for home security, they can be used in many other ways. One popular use case amongst Iris users is keeping track of windows left open to manage energy costs. Here are some additional ways you can use a contact sensor around your home.


8 creative places to use a contact sensor


1.) The refrigerator door to track the eating habits of elderly parents or snacking children after school.


2.) The medicine cabinet to make sure medications are taken when they should be.

(Tip: when you upgrade to the Iris premium plan, you can use Iris to care for a loved one by viewing an at-a-glance look at their daily activity.)


3.) A bedroom or closet door to get an alert when your roommate decides to borrow clothes without asking.


4.) The jewelry box or drawer to keep valuables in their rightful place.


5.) The alcohol cabinet to make sure teens aren’t getting into mischief while parents are away.


6.) The gift closet to ensure peeping eyes don’t spoil holiday or birthday surprises.

(Tip: these notifications can be enabled within the Iris app under: Add a Rule > Notifications > Notify on Contact Sensor)


7.) The attic door to automate a light upon entry to help see in dark areas. Enable this with the “control a light when a contact sensor opens or closes” rule.

(Tip: since Iris contact sensors also read room temperature, you can keep track of rising and cooling temperatures that might damage stored items.)


8.) The tool shed or cabinet to keep track of the items your neighbor has a habit of borrowing.




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