Think you can’t afford a smart home? Think again.

With the many options available today, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed before investing in a smart home. But not only is Iris extremely easy to install, the DIY solution means you can enjoy the benefits of an automated home for under $200.


  • The first thing you’ll need is an Iris Smart Hub ($59.99). This deceptively simple piece of equipment allows all your other devices to interact and talk to each other. Think of it as your own personal mission control.
  • Next up is the Wi-fi Smart Switch (39.99), a standalone device which can be used with or without the Iris hub. If you’re new to smart home technology, this is a great place to start. Once you’ve experienced the ease and convenience of controlling appliances from your smartphone, you’ll be adding more to your system in no time. Brew coffee without getting out of bed, tell the crockpot to start dinner from the office or switch off that curling iron you accidentally left on this morning.
  • Motion Sensors ($29.99) alert you to any movement in the region that they are placed. Alone, these can provide added security, but their real value comes from using motion to trigger other actions. Set one outside your bedroom door, program Iris to switch on your hallway lights and avoid walking into any walls or cabinets after dark.
  • Two-part Contact Sensors ($18.97) let you know if a door, cabinet or window is open. Use on the fridge to save food from spoiling or inside the mailbox to know when your package has arrived. Iris can even switch off the A/C if a window is open to avoid cooling the whole neighborhood.
  • Know when the kids are home from school with personalised Smart Fobs ($24.99) that trigger a notification when entering the house. Your contact sensors can then let you know if anyone is sneaking goodies from the treat cabinet and your smart switch can turn off the TV, encouraging them to get on with their homework.
  • Finally, Dimmable Bulbs (19.97) are perfect for setting the scene on movie night, helping get the kids to sleep without entering their room or gradually turning lamps on to help you wake up easier.


All of these devices require minimal setup and can be purchased for the grand total of $193.90. So now the kids are asleep, doors are closed and lights are dimmed, there’s still enough leftover for some popcorn.