Introducing Alarm Tracker™

By now, you’ll have seen that we recently launched Professional Monitoring from Iris. As part of this launch we’re also proud to announce an exclusive feature, available only to Iris customers. Introducing Alarm Tracker™, giving you that extra peace of mind during an emergency.

Alarm Tracker™ appears in the Iris app any time an alarm is triggered. Use it to follow your progress all the way through to emergency dispatch.


How does it work?


You’ll be able to see the status of your emergency in real time, beginning with a short grace period.


alarm tracker iris lowes smart home security grace period
Every alarm begins with a grace period, to allow you to enter and exit your home once the system is armed.


























During this grace period you’ll be able to cancel the alarm if necessary. Your app also displays which device was triggered, helping to detect any false alarms. Perfect for sleep-walking kids or late night arrivals.


alarm tracker iris lowes smart home security alarm triggered
Following the grace period, the alarm is triggered


























After the grace period has ended, the alarm is triggered. Iris will then notify the monitoring station as well as the contacts in your alarm notification list. Contacts will be notified in the order you have entered them into the app.


alarm tracker iris lowes smart home security monitoring professional
First to be alerted is the Monitoring Station



























Tap to confirm your emergency in the top left corner of your app and the monitoring station will dispatch the necessary authorities.


alarm tracker iris lowes smart home security police notifiied
Alarm tracker will let you know which authorities have been notified




























To cancel at any time, answer the call from the monitoring station, or call them directly.

Please note emergency dispatch for a CO alarm cannot be cancelled due to its colorless, odorless and tasteless nature.


Learn more about Alarm Tracker here:


Who can access the Alarm Tracker?

Alarm Tracker is included in our Professional Monitoring package, now just $14.95 per month. This brings you all the benefits of smart home security, including burglary, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and panic.
Learn more here.


How do I get it?

If you’re an Iris user with a hub and participating security devices, you can sign up here.
Due to specific regulations, we are not yet able to offer Iris professional monitoring to everyone living in the US. We’re working diligently to offer the service to all markets in the near future.