Make Christmas Easier with Iris

There’s no denying a smart home helps make life easier. Perhaps you already use smart devices to watch the kids after school, help care for your parents or look after your furry friends. But over the Christmas period, a smart home can also be an invaluable tool for hosting family, preparing meals and removing the stress from the holiday season. 

Learn more with these handy tips and spend more time on what’s important this December.

Safe Passage 

Line your front yard with these LED Path Lights to ensure Christmas carolers, unexpected guests and even Santa can make it safely to the front porch on dark winter nights… without ruining the lawn!

Be Our Guest

Install a Duraflame Heater in those hard-to-heat areas of your home to provide comfy quarters for your guests. You can then control the temperature of those areas from wherever you are using your smartphone.

Ensure you avoid any bumps in the night by combining a Smart Plug + Motion Sensor to turn on the guest bedroom lamp in the evening and activate lights in the hall when movement is detected.

Master Chef

In charge of the Christmas meal this year?  An Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch can control any kitchen appliance from your phone and even set a timer so your dishes turn out perfectly.

Hands Free

While you’re tied up doing other things, ask your Amazon Echo the score of the big game, the weather forecast for tomorrow or use Alexa to activate any of your other smart home devices.

Not Driving Home for Christmas?

If you’re traveling instead of hosting this year, there’s no need to fear leaving your home unattended. With an Indoor Outdoor Camera + Contact Sensor, you can keep watch and get notified of any irregular activity.

Now sit back and enjoy a stress-free Christmas, all thanks to Iris.