Treat Dad with Iris this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, what better way to make Dad’s life easier than with smart home plus security from Iris.



Give Dad ultimate control of the thermostat for just $74.99. From his Iris app he can change the temperature as well as set schedules for heating and cooling his home.


Contact Sensors send him a notification when the door to his den has been opened. You can even try them on the window too! Alternatively, set up a Rule that switches on his lamp when he enters the room to effortlessly welcome him home.


This Garage Door Opener makes running errands and returning home a breeze. It also works as part of the security alarm card so he can rest easy knowing his tools are safe.


iris wifi smart switch use case kettle boiling coffee kitchen

Help mornings run smoother with an Iris Smart Switch that can start his coffee brewing before he’s even out of bed. 


outdoor camera smart home security

With Iris cameras, he can keep an eye on the kids, the yard or even the cookie jar, right from his smart phone. 


smart home lighting outdoor automation technology

A Sprinkler Controller means Dad can rest easy knowing his yard is healthy and watered, even when he’s on vacation. He can even set a schedule to keep his plants hydrated every day.