Getting Started with the Pro Monitoring Kit

Interested in smart home security but wondering where to start? The Pro Monitoring Starter Kit is the perfect ally to help you secure your home. But what do you do once you purchase this starter kit?


The Pro Monitoring Kit provides an easy way to get started with smart home security. Here are just some of the ways to use the devices in this kit:


1. Hub:

The hub is the heart of the Iris system. Connect your hub and you’re ready to start building your smart home system. Keep in mind that you can start using your Pro Monitoring service with this kit, or you can get a hub, then pick the individual devices you’d like to secure your home with.


2. Contact sensor:

Add a contact sensor to your entry door to receive notifications anytime it opens while you’re away. You can add other contact sensors to your system and place them on back doors, windows and even medicine cabinets or a safe. You can choose which contact sensors trigger an alarm, and which ones simply notify you of the activity in your home without triggering an alarm.


3. Motion sensor:

Family security

Place a motion sensor in your entryway, living room or back door to receive alerts or trigger an alarm when motion is detected while you’re not home. You can also connect these sensors with lamps that use Iris smart plugs and have your lights turn on when you enter a room. Both contact and motion sensors also read temperature, so you can place them in your attic, basement, or any room where temperatures can fluctuate, and set rules to notify you if temperatures reach above or below a set level.


4. Smart fob

The smart fob provides 4 buttons that can be customized to fit your specific lifestyle. Arm your alarm and turn your connected lights on and off by pushing one button. This keyfob has a proximity sensor, so you can add them to your kids’ bookbags and receive notifications every time they come in and leave the home. Security and convenience in the palm of your hand.


The Pro Monitoring Kit is a great way to get started with Pro Monitoring. You can customize each device depending on your security needs, and add new devices at your own pace and budget. Get started with Pro Monitoring today.