Gift Guide for Giving a Smart Switch

The Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch is our most popular gift items and the easiest way to introduce someone to a smart home. The device doesn’t need an Iris Smart Hub, works with the Google Assistant, and can instantly turn any “dumb” outlet “smart” through rules, scenes and our mobile app. However, if this is someone’s first introduction to smart home automation, this fun gadget can leave recipients feeling confused — which can ultimately lead to an unused present. Here are our tips to make sure home automation is their favorite gift of the season.

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Include instructions while gift wrapping

Include this handy handout in your present to give the receiver an overview of what a smart switch is really capable of and how to get started. Simply click on the hyperlink, download it and print it out. We’ve made it black and white for ease of printing on any printer. We hope this take-home piece of material will help introduce the recipient to Iris and direct them to helpful support materials.

Explain why you gifted a smart switch to them

Make sure you give your own personal touch on why you think a smart switch is a great idea for them. Maybe they love electronics and you know it would make their lives easier. Maybe they’ve been interested in home automation but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe they’re taking care of a loved one and this is just the first of many ways Iris can help make them feel more secure. Whatever the reason may be, make sure they know it! Understanding why you thought this item would help make their life easier might jump-start the set-up process.

Getting started tips

Pass along these helpful links to make sure they have no problem setting up their profile and setting up their smart switch. You can also include useful information on how Iris works with other brands and our plan offerings.

Setting Up your Smart Switch

10 Cool Ways to use Your Smart Switch

More about the free Basic Plan

Upgrading to Premium and Professional Monitoring Plans

More About Iris

What’s Next?

The last thing you’d want is for your gift to go unused after the holidays. Make sure your friend or loved one knows this device can be used throughout the year! Here are some of our favorite ways to use an Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch. Also, pairing it with an Iris smart hub will give them so much more freedom to add other additional devices once they’ve been bitten by the smart home bug. This little gadget is just the beginning!