Introducing new and improved designs from Iris!

It’s the same great product you know and love, now even better. We’ve been hard at work to improve our Iris line of devices and we’re excited to launch some new designs and features that make Iris even easier to use and more secure. We’ve brought back the Safe & Secure Starter Kit and made it even better than before, developed a new WiFi Smart Hub with new features and better range, and refreshed the design of our core Iris devices for better functionality and usability.  We are also introducing a battery-powered Wi-Fi Security Camera that you can use by itself or with our Professionally Monitored service for even greater peace of mind.  Watch this video to learn more about what’s new.



Safe & Secure Starter Kit



The Safe & Secure Starter Kit is back and it is better than ever before!  It has everything you need to get a jumpstart on home security. Protect doors, windows, setup personalized access codes, and .  It includes the new Wi-Fi Smart Hub, two contact sensors, a motion sensor, a keypad, and a smart plug. What’s really exciting is that all of the products in the Kit have been pre-assigned to the included Hub, making pairing easier and more secure.


Iris has always offered one of the best values available on the market, and this Kit along with our Professional Monitoring plan at only $14.95/month will instantly secure your home, make it a safer place, and save you lots of money vs. traditional and other DIY monitoring options.



Wi-Fi Smart Hub


The Iris Wi-Fi Smart Hub includes lots of exciting new features. As its’ name implies, it has Wi-Fi built in, so you can put it anywhere in your house! No more having to connect it via Ethernet. This improves your options by allowing the Hub to be in a more central location, closer to your other devices and easier to leverage the new speaker. With its’ attractive new circular design, it will fit right in with any décor.


The Iris Wi-Fi Smart Hub includes an LED light ring that shows visual alerts while arming or during an intrusion. It also has a built-in speaker for auditory alerts and door chimes. Pressing the button on top of the Hub will guide you through setup and will inform you of important information.


The new Wi-Fi Smart Hub also boasts some additional improvements over the previous model.  It has greater open field range for the Zigbee and Z-wave radio frequencies meaning it can reach further to your connected devices.  It also comes with a rechargeable battery backup so that you no longer have to worry about changing the backup batteries.


The Iris Wi-Fi Smart Hub is the heart of your system. It protects and automates your home by connecting to your Iris devices, as well as hundreds of other smart home products from our partners.



New Wireless  Security Camera (Wi-Fi, Battery Operated)

This new security camera can be set up in minutes, with no pesky wires to deal with. It has an internal rechargeable battery, so you can avoid the cost of replacement batteries! This is the fastest way to secure your home. Simply pair this device to your account with the Pro Monitoring plan, and you’re instantly protected from intrusion threats! No Hub required. You can use the camera by itself for DIY security, or use it with our Professional Monitoring plan for even greater peace of mind.


The camera records in 1080p high definition and is outdoor rated with heat-based PIR reliability to capture and record activity.



New Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

We now have TWO exciting Wi-Fi smart plug options! Both come with an easy Bluetooth pairing process to make set up a breeze.


The Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug:

The Iris Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug powers small appliances, allowing you to control and schedule lights, lamps, toasters, TVs and more, from anywhere directly from your smartphone. This smart plug also works with Google Assistant and Alexa for simple voice control.  It does not require the Iris Hub so it’s a great way to get started on your smart home journey. And with Bluetooth pairing, it’s now even easier to get setup. This plug has a new horizontal design which allows you to use two plugs in a single outlet.


The Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug:

Revamp your home from the outside with the Iris Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug! Turn your home into a smart home and wow your neighbors with wireless management of lights and seasonal inflatables. Wirelessly control and schedule lights, inflatables and other seasonal decorations from anywhere, at any time. This smart plug also works with Google Assistant and Alexa for simple voice control.  It also does not require the Iris Hub so it’s a great way to get started on your smart home journey. And with Bluetooth pairing it’s now even easier to get setup, just plug into an outdoor receptacle. This little plug is made to withstand high and low temperatures, so you can enjoy it throughout the year.


We’re also offering updated designs of our keypad, motion sensor,  contact sensor, and smart plug to make them even easier to use.

We’ve designed these to look like their previous versions so they can fit in seamlessly with your current Iris products.  When used with the Wi-Fi Hub, they each offer different improvements such as great range, better battery life, better sound control, and easier use. And just in case you didn’t feel like upgrading your Iris hub to the latest version, the new Iris sensors will still be compatible with the previous hub model, so no need to switch if you are satisfied with what you already have!  To learn more about all of these new devices from Iris, click here!


As always, your safety and security is important to us, which is why we’re excited to continue offering top quality products so your Iris smart home security system can continue to grow and improve!


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