Iris Can Help Care for Dad

There are a number of ways Iris can be used in the home. It can serve as a home automation platform, a security system or an alarm clock. It can also offer a way to provide a family member with a little independence.

Cindy C. of Athens, TN submitted this story describing how Iris gives her father the chance to be more self-sufficient while allowing Cindy the peace-of-mind that if something goes wrong she will be alerted. 

My father has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and he lives just across the drive from my house. By installing the Iris system we can allow him to continue to live alone perhaps a few more years. We have already had the system in place for over 12 months. I have the door sensors, motion sensors, key fob and panic button.


I utilize Iris in the following ways:

  • I have the magic portion set to send me a text every time he opens an exterior door, this allows me to know when he has gone outside and I can monitor that movement.
  • I have Iris send me a text if the temperature falls below or rises above a certain temperature, allowing me to know if the temperature isn’t a healthy level for him.
  • I have Iris send a text if there is no activity in his living room for a period of 2 hours between the hours of 10am and 10pm. This allows me to check on him if he isn’t moving freely around in his house.

But perhaps the most important feature is in the Care section. I have Iris set to raise a safety alarm if my father opens an exterior door during the hours that I’m asleep and might not hear the text alert that a door has been opened. This feature calls my phone when the safety alarm has been triggered. On many occasions this feature has allowed me to get up and check on Dad when he has awoken during the night and is confused about where he is or what is going on and I can get him safely back into the house and prevent a “wandering” episode. Perhaps even prevent him becoming lost or injured.

It gives me great peace of mind to bridge the gap from the time that he has began to exhibit symptoms, but doesn’t yet need someone to sit with him at all times. Iris is a great system for anyone that needs to monitor movement, whether it is children or the elderly, and I recommend it often.

– Cindy C., Athens, TN