Iris Can Provide Leak Alerts

Iris has a number of innovative capabilities, but it is the consistency of our safety and prevention features that is often sited as the reason users find the platform so valuable. 

Aaron O. of Huntersville, NC, submitted this story describing how Iris and the Utilitech Water Leak Detector helped him find and fix a potential disaster in his home.

I want to share a story about how Iris and the power of a smart home saved the day.

I woke up one morning to my Iris alarm going off. I jumped out of bed, ready to scare off any intruders, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. The Iris hub was alerting “water leak detected” and a text notification came to my phone with the same message.

Leak Detector

After disabling the alarm using the keypad, I checked the three leak detectors I have throughout my house. The first two, the dishwasher and washing machine, were dry. However, upon going into the garage I saw water pouring from the top of the cold-water inlet of my water heater. The water had gone down the side of the water heater, activated the leak detector, and was creating a stream along the wall. I quickly turned off the water. Had a leak of that size continued unnoticed, it could have caused over $200 in damage to personal items in my garage and destroyed 10 feet of drywall.