Caregiving with Iris

As loved ones get older, many adults face the challenging role shift of becoming a caregiver. Taking care of aging parents who require day-to-day assistance can be a big undertaking, especially while maintaining a work schedule and a home of their own.

According to the AARP, 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. This can be an added challenge for caregivers that don’t live close by or who lead busy lives.


Iris Care


At Iris, we heard firsthand from our users how smart home devices for security and home automation helped parents age in place while maintaining their independent lifestyle. With this in mind, Iris made caregiving and activity monitoring simpler with the care features available in our premium plan.

In addition to at-a-glance activity monitoring, Iris care features guide users through notifications and behaviors they can enable in order to keep a watchful eye on loved ones.

For instance, a triggered care behavior can notify the whole family of events that are out of the ordinary — anything from a door being left open, a medicine cabinet’s contact sensor not being activated, or a curfew reminder alerting that they haven’t returned home.

See how Iris first helped Eddie care for his mother while she lived independently at home.



To learn more about features available with Iris, visit our care page for resources and product suggestions to help you and your family get started with the next phase of caring for your loved ones. These tools, accompanied by our premium service, will help lengthen the time of independence while giving caregivers peace of mind.

Iris is available at Lowe’s, where you can also explore home improvement items dedicated to making environments safer and more accessible. From bathroom grab bars to ADA compliant showers and ramps, outfit your loved one’s home to set them up for success. Check out their dedicated section.