Hear From Real Iris Customers

When choosing to invest in a smart home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the many systems available. Hearing reviews from customers who already use the product can be the most useful tool in your decision making.

Here we have compiled some of our favorite stories from real Iris users, to help you make a choice and start making life easier.



Iris prevented our basement from flooding.  The water sensor caught a leak early on and allowed us to return back home and prevent further damage.  It as an AMAZING early warning system and notified us while away from home in downtown DC. 

Rob K.


Iris gives me peace of mind; when I am away from home I know that my beloved Chihuahua Rescue Teddy is safe. I have a pet door, motion sensors and cameras.  The best part is that two cameras are pointing at Teddy’s favorite napping places.  A couple times each day I check those cameras and see that he is safe and sound. (And happily napping!)

Linda S.


My work studio was recently burglarized. Afterwards I immediately began searching for an affordable and functional alarm system. Turns out, installing Iris was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I added many smart plugs, motion sensors, cameras and just a few days ago a DuraFlame heater. I can control all of these devices from the app. I’m now able to wake up, flip on all the heat to warm the space up before I arrive and shut it all down and lock the space at night with one button on the app. I’m saving tons on the electricity because now I don’t have to heat the studio at night while it’s empty. It’s easy to use, flexible and gives me just what I need without the expense of a monitoring service. Thanks Lowe’s for a wonderful product. I am super happy.

Michael G.


Since I am disabled and use a wheelchair, I was looking for technology that could help me control certain features in my home.  Iris has helped me control lights and my thermostat.  Recently I had some strange late night door bell rings and knocks.  So I’ve set my smart switch to turn on at odd hours to give the appearance that I am home when I’m not, or awake late into the evening.  This has given me more independence and the ability to feel a little safer.

Michael P.


I was always getting blamed for leaving the door open, but since we had the new Iris system I was able to pull up the video. Clearly our cat had learned how to pry open the door. Ever since then, I’ve been able to prove that I’m not to blame for many things in the house. Iris now auto locks the door and beeps at my wife when she doesn’t completely shut the door for the lock to close. The Iris system history and house monitoring has saved this husband getting blamed more than he should!

Oliver L.



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