What is Iris Professional Monitoring? Learn more here.

According to our recent survey, 62% of adults believe security is the most beneficial reason to own a smart home. Now you can enjoy extra peace of mind with Professional Monitoring from Iris.

Available today, Iris customers can enroll in our new service for just $14.95 per month — the best value among all other smart home security systems.

Our new professional monitoring service gives customers the ability to have emergency responders dispatched to their homes in the event of a security, smoke, carbon monoxide or panic alarm, with no long-term contract required. We’re partnering with United Central Control, Inc. (UCC), a UL-listed and Five Diamond-rated central monitoring station to provide the service to Iris customers.

We’re also introducing a new feature called Alarm Tracker™ which allows a user to track the progression of their emergency from the moment a device is tripped to the dispatch of emergency personnel. 


What does the Iris Professional Monitoring plan involve? 

The new service plan includes all the features of our Premium plan ($9.99 per month value), plus cellular backup service (a $7.99 per month value) and 24/7 professional monitoring of your home for security, smoke, carbon monoxide and panic alarms, all for just $14.95.


How can I get started?

Enjoy all the benefits of Iris Professional Monitoring by following the steps below:

  1. Check www.irisbylowes.com/monitoring to make sure the service is available in your area.
  2. Visit your local Lowe’s, lowes.com or Amazon.com to buy an Iris Smart Hub and Iris Security Pack.
  3. Download the free Iris by Lowe’s iOS or Android app.
  4. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions in the app to setup your account, hub and devices.
  5. Enroll in the Iris Professional Monitoring plan by logging into IrisByLowes.com to verify your emergency responder information.

Once setup is complete, you’ll enjoy the convenience of controlling your smart home security system from your smartphone or computer.


Which devices are able to be professionally monitored?

Current devices include Iris contact sensors, Iris motion sensors, Iris keypads, Utilitech glass break sensors, Iris garage door controllers, Bosch premium motion sensors, Halo, Halo+ and First Alert smoke/CO detectors as well as other security sensors that have the “Works With Iris” brand icon and are listed on www.irisbylowes.com/products


What happens if my internet service goes down? Does Iris stop working?

We include our cellular backup service with the Professional Monitoring plan to ensure your system remains functional in the event of an internet service outage. In order to benefit from this service, Iris 4G Backup Cellular requires purchase of an Iris-approved 4G modem.

Additionally, if a professionally monitored smart hub loses connection to the Iris cloud platform during the security alarm grace period, Iris will still escalate the emergency call to ensure your home is secure.


Why isn’t professional monitoring available country-wide?

Due to specific regulations, we are not yet able to offer Iris professional monitoring to everyone living in the U.S.. However, we’re working diligently to offer the service to all markets in the near future.


Click here to learn more about Professional Monitoring from Iris and get started today.