Iris Stays On, Even When the Power Goes Out

Home security is one of the most popular and useful features of Iris, providing peace of mind that your home and family are safe from fire, carbon monoxide, break-ins, and water leaks. With the addition of Professional Monitoring, Iris customers enjoy the extra assurance that the authorities will be contacted by an accredited monitoring service in case of emergency. As an Iris customer, you might be curious how the system continues to protect you if the power or internet goes offline, and what steps you can take to make your Iris system even more secure.


There are several layers of protection built into your Iris system. Local alarm processing ensures that alarms will sound even if your broadband internet is offline. The hub’s battery backup makes sure that the alarm system works even if the power goes out, and Iris’ cellular modem will make sure that critical notifications are delivered.



Most Iris functionality is driven by the Iris Cloud Platform. However, the Iris Alarm System functionality can run locally, on the hub itself, so that even if your broadband internet is offline, critical events like safety and security alarms can still be detected. Local Alarm Processing works with all certified Iris safety and security alarm devices except to the Nyce Tilt Sensor. Even if your internet access is cut, if an alarm is triggered, the sirens and keypads will sound in your home alerting you to the alarm. You can take action, and if it is a false alarm, disarm it from your keypad.



For additional peace of mind, you can add an Iris Cellular Backup modem. This small USB modem plugs your hub and will automatically activate if your broadband internet goes offline. If you subscribe to Iris’s Professional Monitoring service, cellular modem use is included as part of the service (you just need to buy the modem itself). Having this modem will enable you to receive notifications from Iris as well as use most Iris features even when your broadband internet goes down.



mesh network

The Iris hub also has a built-in battery backup; if you install four AA batteries in the hub, it will run for up to an hour even if your home loses power. If you have an uninterruptible power supply for your broadband internet equipment, you can plug your Iris hub into it to provide extra backup power for both your hub and your internet router.


The combination of Local Alarm Processing, a backup cellular modem, and battery backup ensures your Iris system is always working to secure your home. Do you have any questions about how any of this works? Hit us up on the Community Forum.