User Testimonial: Hear Jeff’s Story

Here at Iris we love hearing stories about how you are making life easier. But for one Iris customer, owning a smart home was about so much more than that.


“The thing I like most about Iris is, it puts me in charge of my own security.”


Like many parents, Jeff’s two children were his reason for investing in a home security system. After researching online, he chose Iris due to its affordability and the convenience of being able to visit his local Lowe’s store for any extra needs.

Within half an hour he had cameras, sensors and motion detectors set up around his home, giving him and his wife peace of mind while they were both at work.


“We’re out of the house 12 hours a day. It’s important to us to keep it safe and secure when we’re not around.”


Four months after installing Iris, Jeff had a break in. Even though Jeff’s family forgot to set the alarm that day, Iris still captured footage of the break in, which provided evidence for the police in their investigation.


“We had video from Iris and we were able to immediately get the police to identify the person.”


Watch Jeff’s story below and learn more about what Iris can do for you, or share your own Iris story now.