Lutron Caseta Now Works with Iris

We’re excited to announce that Lutron Caseta is now compatible with Iris!

Users will be able to pair and remotely manage Lutron Caseta in-wall switches, dimmers and plug-in dimmers via a cloud-to-cloud integration with the Caseta Smart Bridge.

You can now:

  • Control home lights remotely from the Iris app
  • Dim and brighten lights depending on time of day
  • Schedule lights according to your routine
  • Automate lights with Rules and Scenes


How do I link Lutron Caseta devices to my Iris system?

  • Set up the Lutron app and connect your lighting devices to the Lutron Caseta Bridge.
  • Go to the Iris App
  • Tap the Plus sign in the top right corner and select “Device”
  • Scroll down to Lutron Caseta
  • Follow Instructions to add the Lutron Caseta Bridge to your Iris system
  • Once complete, Lutron Caseta devices will be automatically added to your Iris system


Now you can control, schedule and use your Lutron Caseta devices in Rules and Scenes the same way as any other Iris-compatible light or switch. To add additional Lutron Caseta devices after the initial pairing, you need to first pair the device with Lutron Caseta using the Lutron app, and then add them to Iris following the pairing instructions in the Iris app. For further Pairing and Troubleshooting information, visit our support page here: Lutron Caseta Support Page



These are the Lutron Caseta devices that “Work with Iris”


At Iris, we constantly strive to improve our system and line of Iris compatible products to incorporate customer feedback and preferences. We encourage you to head over to our Iris Community and share with us what new features or integrations you’d like to see added/improved: