Make the Most of Your Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a critical element of your smart home. And it does more than keep your family comfortable; it can also help you save money. People who switch from a regular thermostat to a smart one reduce their energy bills by around $200 a year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A smart thermostat costs about $100, so it pays for itself within just six months.

How can you maximize your smart thermostat even further? Here are some insider tips:

Check Your Placement

Smart thermostat installation is a snap, but it’s important to pay special attention to the environment where it’s placed. The best spot is on a clean interior wall, away from paintings, pictures, windows, doors and sunlight. Steering clear of these things can help prevent ghost readings—when the thermostat “thinks” a room is warmer or cooler than it actually is.

Manage Where You Heat and Cool

Your home doesn’t have to be one-temp-fits-all. Are there rooms you don’t use frequently, like a guest bedroom or study? You can save energy and money by using less heat or AC in those rooms compared to the rooms you use every day. Hint: Pairing your thermostat with Keen Smart Vents is an easy way to regulate heat and cooling in individual rooms.

Get the Most out of Programming

The word “programming” may sound daunting, but setting up your smart thermostat is easy – letting you  program settings down to a specific day and time. Perhaps your family spends more time at home over the weekend, so you want your house to be cozier on Saturday and Sunday than during the workweek. Have regular commitments like date night or a soccer game that keep everyone out of the house? Program the thermostat to lower the temp while you’re gone.

Want to cut costs even more? Using a smart thermostat, you can identify your home’s temperature peaks and valleys and find times of day or areas of your home that you may not need to heat or cool.

Integration is the Key

Using the Climate Card in the Iris app, you can monitor and schedule the thermostat, smart vents, even your ceiling fans and other devices to make sure your home temperature is being sufficiently and efficiently managed, all in one place.

There are even rules that will help you save on your energy bill by notifying you when a window or door is left open, impacting the temp in your house, or if the thermostat comes on when you have the windows open.