So you just moved in…

Everyone knows moving can be stressful, even after you’ve finally made it to your new home. Unpacking, switching utility suppliers and getting to grips with your surroundings all take time and energy. But there are a few things you can do to make those first days a little easier.


  • Renting? Take multiple photos of the new place before you unpack. This can help clear up any future disputes over security deposits.
  • Think about your daily habits and routines before unpacking. Do you usually dump your bag by the door? A table would come in handy there. Constantly losing your keys? Why not install a key hook.
  • Take the plunge and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Clear up any questions you might have about the neighborhood like parking, pets, etc. You may need to call on them to feed the cat or water your plants one day.
  • Shop around for new utility providers. It may be worth switching services such as TV, internet and phone to a company more suited to your area.
  • When setting up your new wireless network SSID (or network name), never use any personal information such as your address, birth date or name that could make your network identifiable to strangers. As always, ensure you create a strong and unique password.
  • Be sure to pack an overnight bag with essentials such as comfy clothes, coffee and toiletries before the move. After spending the day emptying boxes you’ll be grateful not to have to rummage through even more just to find your toothbrush.
  • Keep your new home safe and secure. A complete smart home security system from Iris includes cameras, lights and motion sensors so you always know what’s going on. Installation is quick and easy, with no screws or drilling, making it the perfect solution for both renters and buyers. Devices can be controlled from anywhere through your iOS or Android smartphone, bringing both security and home automation to your fingertips. Get started with a security starter pack today.
  • If you purchased a new home, don’t assume your new set of the keys are the only set. Play it safe and have all of your locks changed as soon as possible after you move in to prevent any unwanted intruders.
  • Finally, locate the water shut-off valves, circuit breaker and all existing smoke alarms. Test the alarms and replace the batteries. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

All these quick and easy tips can give you peace of mind in your new home and help you love where you live.