Preparing your Family for Smart Home Security

Talking to your children about emergency preparedness is a necessary conversation to have. If you have a smart home security system in your household, such as Iris, your kids may have already asked about devices throughout your home. While explaining why the keypad beeps when you open the door is a great first step, it’s important to familiarize your children with security devices and create family plan in the event of an emergency.


In order to best prepare your family for an emergency, start with the basics recommended by This includes creating a family emergency plan, putting it on paper and reviewing the plan with your children every year.


When it comes time to educate your children on security and smart home devices located throughout your home, we suggest the following steps.


Demonstrate how each device works

After you set up your Iris security devices, take the time to show your children how each device operates. If your children are old enough to use security equipment, such as disarming the alarm via keypad or key fob when they arrive home, practice the process with them multiple times. This will help prevent misuse of the equipment or panic if devices are triggered while teenagers are home alone.


Identify the sound each alarm makes

When you have multiple devices in your household, such as smoke detectors, glass break sensors or keypads, it’s important to distinguish the sound each device makes when triggered. Incorporate these sounds into mock emergency drills to best commit these to memory. If an alarm sounds in the middle of the night, your family will be best prepared if they know the proper action to take based on which device has been triggered.


Reinforce the proper use of security devices

Even if your children aren’t yet old enough to use or interact with the security devices around your home, it’s important to explain that these devices are not toys. While smart buttons might be an enticing item to touch, if it is set up to trigger a panic alarm, this might prompt first responders if your Iris system is backed by Pro Monitoring. Explain the consequences of tampering with security equipment while easing their minds with the fact that these devices are set up to help keep your family safe.


Have you talked with your children about the security devices around your home? Educating your family on your Iris smart home will help prevent mishaps and best prepare your family for an emergency.