Secure Your Home for the Holidays with Iris

The holidays can be a magical time — going to visit family and friends, making sure you get the perfect gift for that special someone and decorating your house to reflect your holiday spirit. Unfortunately, this can also be a time of opportunity for crime. Here are our suggestions on how we can help secure your home and make sure your holiday cheer isn’t damped.


Protecting Packages

Packages left unattended by your front door are extremely vulnerable to theft. Thankfully, there are ways to protect them.

An outdoor camera placed by the front door is a great way to see when a package was delivered and if it’s still there, even if you aren’t home yet. Want more visibility of your outdoor area? We now offer a 3-pack wireless camera set! Our Premium and Pro Monitoring plans include unlimited video storage for a rolling time period depending on your plan, so in the unfortunate event something is stolen, you can easily look back and give footage to the police to help identify the culprits.



Secure Keepsakes

Placing Christmas trees and other decorations by the windows is a beautiful way to make your home festive for the season, however, it can also be a calling card to intruders. A decorated house can suggest there are valuable gifts inside the home. Thankfully, there are ways to help protect your home and Christmas cheer.

Place contact sensors on windows and doors to make sure they aren’t opened without your knowledge. Motion sensors will let you know if any motion is detected inside the home, so you can see which area of the house someone is in.

You can also assign a rule to a motion sensor to turn on your lamps when activated, immediately waking you up and deterring intruders. A glass break sensor is also a great smart home security device, as it notifies you if someone breaks a window to get in.


Going Out of Town

Travel increases during the holidays, which means your home may be left vacant for several days. Thankfully, Iris smart home devices are used for home automation and security.

Our Safe & Secure Kit has everything you need to get started. Lowe’s also carries a variety of Iris smart home security devices, so you can customize your home security to fit your place and budget. Learn more about this Kit here.

While you are out of town, you can schedule scenes to activate your connected lights and make passers-by think you are home. Connect lamps to smart plugs and schedule them to run at different times during the day or schedule music to play using smart plugs or smart switches.


Of course, all of these items work best in conjunction with our Professional Monitoring service. At just $14.95 per month with no long-term contracts, Iris Pro Monitoring brings you all the benefits of a smart home system with professional home security, including full-service professional monitoring for burglary, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide, as well as a panic alarm. Emergency dispatch will be sent to your home in the event any of these alarms are triggered, ensuring the fastest and safest possible outcome.


Planning ahead to secure your home for the holidays will give you peace of mind in order to fully enjoy this exciting time of year!