Smart Home Devices For College Students

Heading to college is a big transition for both the student and their family. You may wonder: how can a smart home security system help in this situation? It’s all in the little details. You may be surprised at the various ways adding some simple smart devices around your student’s dorm or apartment can help them transition into their new routine and give you peace of mind. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1. WiFi Switch: Send your student with a few of these smart switches to manage their hair straightener, iron and appliances from the Iris app. Realized they left a hair straightener on after rushing out the door for that 8am class? One touch on their phone and problem solved!




2. Contact sensors: Contact sensors can come in handy when students need to share a room with someone they haven’t previously met. It’s very possible they will eventually become great friends, but in the meantime, protecting valuables can become somewhat of a concern. Add these contact sensors in your closet doors or drawers and get a notification if they’re opened while they’re not around.



3. Security Pack: Did you know you can set up a security system in a college dorm or apartment? This pack allows students to self-monitor their rooms by including contact sensors on doors, motion sensors to detect movement while they’re away, and even a keypad to secure their entry door. Since this is a DIY system and doesn’t require professional installation, they can pack it up and bring it home once a semester is over.

Iris Key Pad



4. Lighting Pack: Is your student into fun techy gadgets? Surprise them by adding this lighting kit to their college shopping list! They can easily set up a motion sensor near the entry door and connect their lamps to smart plugs so they will automatically turn on every time they walk in! You’ll surely be the coolest parents in town.



5. Water Leak Sensor: Protect your students from having to deal with plumbing issues so they can focus on what they love. Adding a water leak sensor will provide peace of mind, knowing they will receive a notification on their phones in case of any water issues.



6. Voice Assistant: A voice assistant is the cherry on top for a smart college dorm. Students will be able to set up alarms, turn on music and manage their lights via voice commands.


Give your college students the gift of a connected dorm. To learn more about Iris, check out