Four Smart Home Tricks for the Ultimate Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party this year? Iris is the perfect companion to help transform any indoor space into a fun and interactive Halloween scene. Check out our ideas to help kick your party up a notch using smart home devices available at your local Lowe’s.

Add Colored Lights To Your Decor

Lighting can help set the tone for any spooky party or fun get together. You can use the Sylvania Lightify LED bulbs to pick from any one of hundreds of color options in your lamps and fixtures, or choose the Sylvania LED RGB Tape Lights to highlight different colors behind cabinets or along walkways. Quickly change colors for both of these and other lighting brands right from your Iris app, and schedule scenes for color changes throughout the party to mix up the moods and surprise guests.


Make Your Party Interactive with Motion Sensors

Make your party unpredictable with fun uses of motion sensors around your house. You can turn lights on and off, trigger spooky sounds and even smells when someone walks by. Have a fog machine? Fill the room with fog when someone walks in, without wasting fog or energy when the room is empty. Create rules in the Iris app to connect your sensors to other devices to create a truly unique experience.

Keep Festive Food the Perfect Temperature

Connect crock pots, hot plates, coffee makers and more to Wifi Smart Switches and Smart Plugs to make sure your food and drinks never get cold. Is the cider getting too hot for guests? Turn the device off remotely from your phone without having to go into the kitchen.

Let Scenes, Timers and Voice Control be Your Party Planning Assistant

Iris works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to help voice control devices and commands. Want to quickly turn off the lights or turn on an outlet? Just ask Google.

Scenes and Timers are useful for taking your mind off tasks that can be easily forgotten, and they can make parties fun and interactive if you know when guests will be arriving and leaving. Connect colored lights, fog machines and spooky music for a Halloween scene, or set a timer for your Smart Plug when you don’t want your casserole in the crock pot to be overdone. When you’re so busy orchestrating a perfect party for your guests, why be bothered with these little tasks when you don’t have to be?

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