How a Smart Home Helps Parents for Under $300

New Parents

If you or a family you know are about to become parents, thoughts have probably turned to home security. With Iris, devices can be used for both security and home automation, allowing you peace of mind as well as making your life a little easier. What’s more, each device can have multiple uses, so your smart home can adapt and evolve for your changing needs.


Baby Steps

With a baby in the house, new parents will want to keep watch over their little one at all hours of the day. An Iris camera, with night vision capability and motion-triggered recording, can be used indoors in place of a baby monitor.

Contact sensors can be placed on windows to warn against potential intruders and a smart switch coupled with a night light lets you control the bedroom ambience without having to enter the room.


Toddler Tech

Parents can keep a motion sensor in the bedroom to receive a notification when their toddler is on the move, and contact sensors can be moved to detect whether they have left the room.

Use a rule to link this notification to the light in your own room, to avoid bumps in the night when you check in on your little one.


School Run

As the kids grow up and head out to school, use a key fob on their backpack to know when they have returned home.

Move your smart switch to the TV for total control of the entertainment system until they have finished their homework.

As your child enters their teen years, those contact sensors can be relocated to the bedroom windows to avoid any late night escapes, or placed on the liquor cabinet to know if it’s been opened while you’re away.


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