Smart Home Security for the Modern Pet Owner

While dogs might deter prospective intruders from entering your home, securing what matters most shouldn’t fall on Fido’s shoulders alone. Investing in a smart home security system, like Iris, can not only provide safety and peace of mind, but can make taking care of your pet easier.

When building your DIY smart home security system, keep the following dog-friendly devices in mind.


Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

While pet cameras aren’t a new device on the market, opting for a camera that integrates with a smart home security system has added benefits. Not only can you keep an eye on your pet, you can also track suspicious activity or record events that take place in your home for added security.



Connected Locks

Does a dog walker or sitter drop in to relieve your pet? No need to worry about copying keys when you can assign your walker a unique entry code using smart locks. Not only can you track or receive notifications as your dog walker comes and goes, but you can also discontinue their code after their service is done. On top of that, you’ll never have to question whether the door was left unlocked when you can secure them from anywhere using the Iris app.


Motion Sensors

Utilizing motion sensors for home security can be challenging when you have a pet roaming around the house during the day. However, by placing motion sensors at least 5ft off the ground or by utilizing pet immune sensors, you can help reduce false alarms.


Smart Plugs

A motion sensor’s faithful companion is an Iris smart switch. Help an aging pet navigate around the house at night by plugging in a lamp triggered by movement. You can also keep your home smelling fresh with an air freshener that sprays as your pet leaves the room. With a smart switch and the Iris app, the possibilities are endless.



Customizing your pet-friendly security system with Iris allows you to build your smart home at your own pace. Learn more about the home automation and home security possibilities with Iris.