Smart Home Trends for 2019

Four Smart Home Trends To Expect In 2019


As we look forward into 2019, homes are continually getting smarter – from complete connectivity across technology platforms to home security automation and remote, mobile monitoring.


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1. Voice and audible control is the future, and the now

 Technologies in the home will have a greater need to be integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. The ability to use voice and audible features to control the technologies in your smartphone, TV, home audio and car will be necessary and pervasive throughout.


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2. AI will increase efficiency, control, and customization

 Technological efficiency will increase. Everything from appliances to radio volume to security is transitioning to get controlled from one central place. The development of AI is allowing different platforms to connect and interact, and we’re reaching the days where every device will automatically adjust to our pre-set preferences.


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3. Demand for scheduled automation will be at an all-time high

 Imagine a home where anything and everything you think of is a part of an integrated, scheduled routine. There’s no need to imagine any further. Future commands will become even more integrated, offering a “wake up” routine, for example, which turns on lights, air conditioning, starts the coffee, puts the bread in the toaster and provides a news update on your new 75-inch, 4K Smart TV. Yeah, it’s happening.


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4. Home security will be of even greater importance

 Home security surveillance and monitoring will continue to increase in importance to combat break-ins, crime and the protection of physical property. Expect new learnings and devices to surface this year surrounding unique ways and ideas to put home security first. More intuitive technology options will become available with easier integration and extension outside the home.


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