The Smart Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding season has arrived, which means a lot of time spent looking for the perfect wedding gifts. No matter what type of couple you’re buying for, a smart home that grows with them is always a great choice. With no long term contracts and DIY installation, it couldn’t be easier to help them start married life the smart way. Use this gift guide to find the perfect device for each of the happy couples you’ll be celebrating this year.


Movie Night

Help them keep the romance going after the big day with a full theatre experience at home. Door locks, dimmable bulbs and smart switches can be used to create a rule which will secure the house, lower the lights, start the popcorn maker and set the perfect movie scene.



Give this couple peace of mind as they jet off to start enjoying married life. Cameras allow newlyweds to keep an eye on their home while they’re away, and smart switches paired with lamps can even make it look like someone is home to deter potential intruders.

To take this a step further, a garage door opener can let trusted friends and neighbors into the house while the couple is out-of-town to make home management easier.


Furry Friends

For the couple that’s just as devoted to their pets as they are to each other, smart pet solutions are the perfect gift to make married life a little easier. Cameras allow them to check in during the day and a smart pet door can even let them outside if necessary.

While pets are cute, they can also be smelly. Use a motion sensor coupled with a smart switch and plug-in air freshener or fan around litter boxes to add a burst of fragrance whenever it’s needed.


Starting a family

For the couple planning to start a family, Iris is able to adapt and grow to suit their evolving needs.

Start with an indoor camera in place of a baby monitor, before adding smart switches to remotely control night lights. As the kids grow, assign them key fobs to know when they return home from school and move your smart plug to the TV to ensure they’re finishing homework before watching their favorite show.