Get started with Professional Monitoring for under $200

Setting up professional monitoring in your home may seem like a big undertaking, in terms of both cost and time. But with Iris, it doesn’t have to be.

Professional monitoring from Iris means you don’t need thousands of devices to get started, you can install everything yourself with no in-wall installation and there’s no monthly contract to tie you down. It’s the best value among smart home security systems.


Hub ($69.99)

Before you do anything you’ll need an Iris hub. This is the heart of the Iris network, keeping you in touch with connected devices in your home. By connecting your array of Iris compatible smart products you can access and control them all from the Iris app or web portal.


Motion Sensor ($29.99)

Place motion sensors near doorways and entry points around your home to be notified of any movement that occurs.

Iris contact sensor

Contact Sensor ($22.99)

Contact Sensors can be placed on doors, windows, cabinets… anything that can be opened and closed. These can let you know which access point has been breached in the event of an emergency.

home windows

Glass break sensor ($39.97)

Intruders won’t always use the front door to gain entry to your home, and if a window is smashed a contact sensor alone may not register this. Use a glass break sensor on large windows to ensure your home is protected.

smart button

Smart Button ($19.99)

Smart Buttons from Iris can be used for a number of purposes. When used for home security, they can be configured as your own personal panic button to let the monitoring station know you are in danger, without making a sound.

Iris Key Pad

Security Pack ($109)

If you’re looking for a convenient bundle of security devices to get started with Iris Pro Monitoring, the Iris Security Pack is a great solution. All you need is this pack and an Iris Smart Hub to get started today for under $200.


Sign up for Professional Monitoring ($14.95 per month)

Now you have all the devices you need, you enough left over to sign up for your first month of Professional Monitoring. After this, you can cancel at any time with no obligations.

Get started today by signing up here: