The Iris Hub

The Iris Hub is the heart of the Iris system. This is not an ordinary device. The hub is responsible for connecting devices to each other and to your phone.



What are some of the things you can do once you have the hub?


  • Control lights and save on electric bills by adding smart plugs to lamps and smart switches and dimmers to fans and lights throughout your home.
  • Build a self-monitored security system according to your family needs and preferences.
  • Upgrade to Pro Monitoring for only $14.95 and get around-the-clock monitoring for burglary, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide, as well as a panic alarm.
  • Use contact sensors to monitor medicine cabinets and get notifications when the fridge wasn’t shut properly.
  • Sign up for Care and get alerts when your elderly loved one’s routine is disrupted.
  • Manage water usage, save on bills and prevent water damage with early leak detection.
  • Give babysitters, dog walkers, parents or in-laws their very own PIN code to unlock the door and never need to make copies of keys again.
  • Supervise and manage the kids’ TV time from the Iris app or web portal.


These are just some of the many benefits that you can start enjoying by simply making the first step and purchasing the hub.


No need to wait until you’re a homeowner to consider smart home. You can build the system at your own pace while renting, and once you become a homeowner, bring the system to your new home.


The Iris hub has battery backup and allows for local processing, which means it will keep working despite power or Internet outages.


Turning your house into a smart home is easier (and more affordable) than you may have thought. The hub, an Iris account and the Iris app are all you need to start building the system that’s right for you.