The Safe & Secure Kit

The new Safe & Secure Kit has everything you need to secure your home the smart way. Let’s take a look inside and learn some of the many ways you can use this kit around your home.


1. Wireless Hub.

The new hub is no longer required to being connected to a router. Just set up your account, and place the hub where it fits best in your home. It’s that easy. This hub will also keep you in the know with its new voice feature. The built-in speaker announces important status updates, like when an alarm is triggered or disarmed. You can also press the center button anytime for a status update. The hub not only speaks to you, it also features a new light ring that communicates status as well.

Best yet, the new hub has extended range for better connectivity with those devices in the basement, attic or around the house.


2. Contact Sensors

Your kit includes two contact sensors. Place these sensors on your front and back doors to get notifications anytime someone comes or goes while you’re away. Simply pull a tab, wait a few minutes, and they’re ready to be placed in your entryways! You can also add these sensors to windows, safe doors and medicine cabinets to keep track of what happens at home. Peace of mind in minutes!


3. Motion sensor:

Need to monitor a large space? While contact sensors tell you exactly what door or window was opened, motion sensors are ideal for monitoring an entire room, and can alert you of activity in a room that has multiple windows or doors.A motion sensor and an entryway lamp connected to an Iris smart plug can be used to automatically light the room anytime someone enters.

Motion sensors, just like contact sensors, are also temperature readers. Place a motion sensor in your basement or attic to receive temperature readings, and alerts if temperatures go above or below a set range. This can represent significant savings on energy bills by detecting temperature fluctuations in low-traffic areas of your home.


4. Keypad:

‘Tis the season for holiday travel and out-of-town guests! Arm and disarm your alarm system with your personal code. Provide each guest with a different PIN code and receive notifications on who is coming and going based on their PIN. This keypad also provides audible “entry” and “exit” alerts! Rest knowing your home is safe and secure with your new Iris keypad.


5. Smart Plug:

Iris not only provides full-service smart home security, it also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of smart home living for your comfort and convenience. Add smart plugs to lamps and schedule them to turn on and off while you’re out of town. You can also connect them to motion sensors to automate your living room lighting experience. Simply add a smart plug to a lamp and sync it to your motion sensor, so your lamps will turn on every time someone walks in. You can also add these smart plugs to hair straighteners and irons for peace of mind during busy days. Electric kettles, diffusers, and so many more small appliances you can control from your phone!


Professional Monitoring


Looking for full-service professional monitoring of your home? Connect your Safe & Secure Kit with our Pro Monitoring service for a complete smart security experience.


One Kit. Endless possibilities! Save 20% on your Safe & Secure Kit through 12/24 and start building a system that fits your home and family needs.


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