I Want a Smart Home. What Should I Do?

What if we told you that you can turn your house into a smart home? Yes, you. No need for major renovations, long contracts or certified installers. Whether you rent or own, you can have a customized smart home system up and running in your home in 3 simple steps.




The hub is the heart and brain of the Iris system. It connects you to the devices in your home, allowing you to remotely manage and monitor smart devices through the Iris app on your phone or computer. Iris allows you to grow your system at your own pace, adding one smart device at a time or getting one of the starter packs that best fits your home and budget. Once you get your hub and invest in a device or a starter pack, you can start controlling lighting, appliances, water usage and temperature while securing your home and saving on bills, all from your phone or through the Iris web portal. Get the hub and start building your system, one device (or several of them) at a time.



This is where the fun begins! It’s time to choose what devices you’ll use to outfit your home. There are three different packs you can choose from depending on your preferences and home needs:



The Lighting Pack allows you to control and manage lights from the Iris app. You can also use voice commands when you connect your system to the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.Now, you may be wondering how connected lighting can be useful. Connect lamps to smart plugs and use motion sensors to automatically turn lights on when someone enters a room. When your toddler runs to your room in the middle of the night or an elderly loved one needs to visit the restroom while the house is dark, a light can turn on to guide the way. Do your kids leave the lights on as everyone rushes out the door in the morning? Save money on bills by scheduling lights to turn off after everyone leaves the home, or program them to turn on at dusk and while you’re on vacation. Take it a step further and connect one of the many Iris compatible smart light bulbs to your system in order to regulate brightness, and even customize light color, all from your phone or computer.



Set up a home security system in under an hour with easy-to-install devices and the powerful Iris app that connects them all. No lengthy contracts or certified installers needed. Connect your devices to the hub to monitor activity and receive alerts. Away on vacation? No more wondering if you forgot to secure the home. Place contact sensors on your main doors and windows, and receive immediate alerts if they open unexpectedly. You can grow your security system by adding a smart camera to store the footage the camera collects. Or, simply upgrade to Pro Monitoring, our DIY, full-service security system that brings you all the benefits of a smart home while providing professional monitoring for burglary, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide, as well as a panic alarm. Get a security pack or a Pro Monitoring kit and increase protection at home for a fraction of the cost of traditional home security systems.



This pack provides several different devices that allow for a wide variety of uses, which you can customize depending on your preferences. For example, you can use your smart plug to control lights, electronics and appliances (no more fears of leaving that hair straightener on!). The motion sensor can keep you posted of any movement while you’re not at home. Contact sensors can be used to notify if a door or window has been opened, or if little hands got in a cabinet they’re not supposed to. Use the smart button to turn lamps off while you’re in bed or connect it to the smart siren and keep it on your nightstand for an added layer of security. This pack is versatile and flexible so you can experience some of the many benefits of smart home living.



Go to the App store or Google Play and download the Iris App. You can also manage your home from a computer by login in here. Create an account, customize your dashboard and start enjoying the many benefits of your new smart home.