What’s New in the 2.2 Release

We’re excited to provide you with these updates to continue to give you the best value and experience possible. Here’s what’s new in 2.2!

Basic gets an upgrade:

Rules, Scenes and Favorites are now free in the Basic plan.

  • Rules allow you to choose from 90 different types of “if this happens, then do that” scenarios. For example, if your Halo smoke detector detects smoke, you can create a rule to turn all of your smart lights on and turn your smart switches off automatically.
  • Scenes allow you to control several devices with a single action. For example, your “Good Night” scene may lock your doors, turn off your lights and change your thermostat all at once!
  • And Favorites allow you to tag your most-used devices and scenes so they appear in a convenient place on the dashboard, for faster control of your device.

All of these features were previously reserved for our Premium plan, but starting with our 2.2 release, they will be included in the Basic service.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Premium users can now quickly see activity in their home with a History Activity Graph. The graph highlights your most active times of day when doors and windows are opened or when there is motion in the home.
  • You now have additional voice control support with Google Assistant. Pair your Google assistant with your Iris system to control lights and switches by voice.
  • Springs shades can now be opened and closed from a Scene.

What’s New with the Iris Web Portal:

  • Lights & Switches scheduling is now supported
  • Additional Device Panels include Garage Door, Thermostat, Water Valve and Genie Aladdin Garage Door Controller

Have a question or want to provide your feedback about this upgrade? Head over to the Community to engage with us and other Iris users.