What’s New in Release 2.3?

We’ve focused on useful new rules, more video storage for our Premium and Pro Monitoring users, and made it easier to download our Pro Monitoring certificate so you can get a discount on your homeowners insurance faster! Here’s the scoop for what’s new in our latest release.


We’re increasing our video storage Limit to 3GB

Premium and Professional Monitoring customers will now benefit from increased storage space for recorded videos and snapshots from their Iris connected cameras.


Touch ID is now available for iOS devices

iOS users can now login by utilizing the native iOS ‘Touch ID’ functionality. Users must be logged out of the app completely before Touch ID can be used to log in.


Alarm card is now available in the Iris web portal

You can now monitor the progress of your alarm from both the Iris web portal and via the app using Alarm Tracker, as well as manage your participating Alarm devices and call lists.

You can now download your Professional Monitoring Certificate Directly from your Iris app, as well as through the web UI

Using the native download/share functionality in the mobile apps, Professional Monitoring customers can download or share their Iris Professional Monitoring Certificate.

This certificate is used primarily as a ‘proof of professional monitoring’ for users to share with their insurance companies to secure any applicable discounts that may be available.


We’re introducing new Rules

We have new rules galore! Take a look at each one and see how it can enhance your Smart Home and your life.


What Happened During an Alarm?

  • Record automatically for a specific duration when a Security alarm is triggered


Garage Door Opened, Activate Switch

  • When a garage door is opened or closed turn a switch on or off for a chosen duration


Garage Door Opened, Run a Scene

  • When a garage door is opened or closed run a scene


Lock Unlocked, Run Scene

  • When a door lock is locked or unlocked run a scene


Garage Door Activated

  • Notify me or others when my garage door is opened or closed for some duration


Open Garage Door with Smart Button or Care Pendant

  • Open or close a garage door when a button is pressed


Open Garage Door with Smart Fob

  • Use a Smart Fob to open or close a garage door when a button is pressed


Open Garage Door with 1st Gen Key Fob

  • Use the 1st Gen Key Fob to open or close a garage door when a button is pressed


Monitor Humidity

  • Notify me when the humidity of a device goes above or below a certain level


Too Humid? Activate a Switch

  • When the humidity gets too high or too low activate a switch for a specified duration of time


No Motion, Turn Lights Off

  • Turn lights off when there is no motion detected for a period of time


Smoke Detected, Turn Toaster Off

  • When a smoke alarm is triggered, then turn off a device connected to a switch for some duration of time


Control Blinds Based on Temperature

  • Open or close blinds and shades based on the temperature of other devices


Control Blinds Based on Door Locks

  • When a door is locked or unlocked, open or close the blinds/shades


Control Blinds with Smart Fob

  • Control blinds and shades using a Smart Fob (no tilt support)


Control Blinds with 1st Gen Key Fob

  • Control blinds and shades using a 1st Gen Key Fob


Control Blinds with Custom Button

  • Control blinds and shades using a custom button



Which rule are you most looking forward to using in your Iris smart home? Let us know by posting in our user community at https://community.irisbylowes.com