What’s New in Release 2.4

In app release 2.4, users will experience new alarm and security features along with enhanced Web Portal camera capabilities.

See what your Iris can now do in version 2.4:


Automatically record on Security Alarm

  • Cameras can now be set to automatically record for 5 minutes when a security alarm occurs.


Smoke/CO Safety Shut Off

  • Paired thermostats, fans or space heaters can be set to automatically turn off if a smoke or CO Alarm is detected.


Whirlpool Water Softener Excessive Water Notifications

  • Users of this device can receive alerts via push notification or e-mail related to Water Flow Notifications.
  • Users can set an acceptable threshold for water flow rate and be notified if the flow exceeds the acceptable threshold set.

Support for Camera Service in Web Portal

  • Users can now view all cameras connected to the Iris platform within the Iris Web Portal.
  • Ability to ‘pin’ clips of interest for ease of viewing.
    • Filtering capabilities for ‘pinned’ video clips.
    • From the camera service page, users will also see the four most recently ‘pinned’ clips for quick access.
  • Users can trigger a recording or begin streaming directly from their favorites bar on the Web Portal homepage.
  • From the Web Portal camera card, users can cycle through all cameras currently connected to the Iris platform and initiate either a streaming or recording session without going into each specific camera’s detail page.
  • When viewing their video recordings or streams, users will have the option to view in full screen mode.
  • New storage clean up options allow users to quickly and easily remove unwanted video clips


With expanded camera capabilities in the Iris Web Portal, users can enjoy more control over their recordings and clips while accessing from a desktop device.

Tell us what you’d like to see in our next release by joining our Iris community at: community.irisbylowes.com.